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tru-DATA is a product of Tripple Gee and Company PLC ,powerfully developed security solution leveraging on HDBarcode technology which is "dedicated to providing advanced and secure barcoding solutions for the pursuit of positive identification, elimination of counterfeit products, and an end to product diversion".

tru-DATA holds 175 times more data than common 2D barcodes allowing for comprehensive information in the form of text, images, HTML and Zip files.


You can print like other codes on the back of your cartons, back of your labels, or on your inserts via inkjet or laser printer at > 300dpi.

System Requirement

The Company

TRIPPLE GEE & COMPANY PLC is a manufacturer of financial instruments, secure and commercial documents, labels and flexible packaging materials. Our range of products and services are instrumental across industry sectors from the banking industry, government regulatory bodies and oil and gas to pharmaceuticals and FMCG manufacturers.

With over 37 years in the print business and a solid track record working with financial institutions, big organisations and governments to research, evolve and improve the security and quality of transactional and commercial instruments and other substrate based prints, we have continuously delivered significant return on investment to our shareholders, customers and the community in which we operate... Learn more and see other solutions


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